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The Zbigniew Herbert Foundation Board

  • Katarzyna Dzieduszycka-Herbert – Chairperson
  • Timothy Garton Ash
  • Francesco Cataluccio
  • Piotr Kłoczowski
  • Maja Komorowska
  • Marek Kuderski
  • Emilia Naumann
  • Jerzy Naumann
  • Paweł Próchniak
  • Maciej Radziwiłł
  • † Adam Zagajewski RIP

    † Julia Hartwig RIP – July 14, 2017

    † Wisława Szymborska RIP – February 1, 2012


Board of Directors

Maria Dzieduszycka

  • Maria Dzieduszycka – Executive Director of International Publicity and Development

Received a Ph.D from the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures at Columbia University (New York). At Columbia Maria Dzieduszycka taught Polish and Russian, as well as Masterpieces of Western literature and philosophy at Columbia College; she also directed the Polish Program at Hunter College (City University of New York). From 2001, she collaborated on the publication and promotion of the US edition of Herbert’s Collected Poems (2007), and Collected Prose (2010). She was involved in creating the International Zbigniew Herbert Literary Award, presented annually from 2013, and she is responsible for overseeing publicity and fundraising for all Foundation programs.