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“Gift a Poem” campaign in celebration of 70th anniversary of UNESCO Associated Schools Network on World Poetry Day March 21st

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of ASPnet, the Polish National Commission for UNESCO in partnership with the Zbigniew Herbert Foundation, and in collaboration with the ASPnet International Coordination Unit, wish to invite all ASPnet member schools around the world, to take part in “Gift a Poem” initiative, as a form of commemoration the World Poetry Day – established by UNESCO on March 21st.

ASPnet started in November 1953 with a project called the Scheme of Co-ordinated Experimental Activities in Education for Living in a World Community, in which 33 secondary schools in 16 UNESCO Member States participated. ASPnet was rooted in the mission to promote education for international understanding, co-operation and peace, as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) and the 1974 Recommendation (concerning Education for International Understanding, Co-operation, Peace and Education relating to Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms) as a model in the field of international education.

Today, ASPnet has developed into the largest network of UNESCO, connecting more than 12,000 educational institutions from all levels of education in 182 countries.

Our intention is that “Gift a poem” campaign builds a network of interpersonal (intergenerational) relationship based on words of poetry gifted to others – words that are consequential, carrying meaning and providing support. An initiative conceived in this way has a deeply human dimension, it is a gesture of offering something of value, but in human terms it is simple – like reaching out to someone, offering a hand.

To view the “Gift a Poem” webinar (from February 23rd 2023), please click the link.


Zbigniew Herbert, sketch from a painting by Gerard ter Borch “Woman Writing a Letter”
70 th anniversary of UNESCO Associated Schools Network on World
UNESCO Polish National Commission

“Gift a Poem” campaign| social campaign of the Zbigniew Herbert Foundation 

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