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Copy, gift…

Copy a poem that you have chosen yourself and gift it to somebody, for whom you think such a gift might be important. Let it be a simple, human gesture – like reaching out to someone, offering them a hand.

Who for?

The person to whom you gift a poem that you have specially copied for them yourself might be someone in your closest circle (family, friends, neighbours, acquaintances close and distant). But it might also be worth looking further a field, where the word of a poem, carrying meaning and hope, offering support, might be especially needed – in nursing homes, retirement homes, orphanages, community centres, night shelters for the homeless, etc.


Four steps suffice:

  1. Decide, to whom you want to gift a poem.
  2. Find a poetry book and choose a poem – remembering that your choice is for a unique person (so take into account their life story, their situation, what might be important for that person).
  3. Download the specially prepared stationery card in PDF file from giftapoem.pl print it and copy your chosen poem by hand – you can also add something personal: a dedication, comment, date, signature.
  4. Gift the copied poem to your chosen person.

To download the file click the link below:

Gift a Poem Manual (PDF file)