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The Foundation’s Mission is to preserve and disseminate Zbigniew Herbert’s creative legacy as an integral part of the literary and cultural heritage of Poland, Europe and the world.

The Foundation aims to:

  • Disseminate Zbigniew Herbert’s creative legacy;
  • Popularize and promote literature and literary talents at home and abroad;
  • Support education in the fields of literature and the humanities, particularly modern literature, writing, poetry and journalism, with a special emphasis on programs for young people;
  • Promote reading and support the development of literary criticism;
  • Encourage the translation of notable foreign literary works into Polish as well as the translation of Herbert’s works into foreign languages;
  • Undertake education initiatives by supporting individuals or teams that research Zbigniew Herbert’s literary output.

The Foundation will achieve its aims by:

  • Establishing the Zbigniew Herbert International Literary Award in the field of poetry, and in turn, essay writing, translation and editing;
  • Granting stipends, particularly for promising young poets, writers, translators and editors, and for researchers of Zbigniew Herbert’s work;
  • Organising and supporting literary competitions, author-reader meetings, literary festivals, conferences and lectures related to the Foundation’s aims;
  • Encouraging cultural exchanges, especially by promoting reading and the universality of poetry, literature and literary criticism through the organisation and support of scientific conferences and workshops;
  • Organising international intellectual exchanges between poets, writers, critics and animators of the international cultural scene, in particular by creating or supporting interactive internet projects;
  • Awarding special distinctions to the creators of internet projects dedicated to literature;
  • Conferring distinctions and awards on those involved in the development and promotion of literature as well as those who support the Foundation’s statutory aims;
  • Developing contacts and cooperating with sister organisations and institutions involved in similar work;
  • Publishing; especially works promoting the Foundation’s aims, achievements, and future projects;
  • Supporting initiatives aimed at protecting author copyrights;
  • Maintaining ties and working closely with establishments, especially schools, named after Zbigniew Herbert;
  • Working closely with institutions that hold any part of Zbigniew Herbert’s creative legacy, especially with the Warsaw-based National Library;
  • Working closely with book collections, libraries, and digital archives in pursuance of, and in accordance with, the Foundation’s statutory aims.